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LTD "Javna Skladišta" from Subotica offers following services: storage of all types of goods (except easily flammable liquids and explosive materials), handling of goods (unloading, loading, reloading), rent of warehouse space, the services of truck outside the circle of society as well as providing parking services for trucks.

LTD "Javna Skladišta" with its location near the European Union, the size of storage space (20.909 m2), developed infrastructure, the possibility of expansion of existing facilities and services and skilled workforce, a leader with no competition in the region of Subotica and the surrounding area.

With a total area of 27.257m2 parking spaces, LTD "Javna Skladišta" have the option of providing parking services to over 220 trucks at the same time, with all the services related to the parking lot.

Built ramps for the handling of goods and numerous doors in stock, made to secure the expeditious handling of goods in several vehicles at the same time, which allows faster handling and faster release of the vehicle.


LTD "Javna Skladišta" have industrial track that is regularly updated and is currently in the best state in the region. Industrial track favors LTD "Javna Skladišta" over the competition in terms of handling and storage of the mass of goods which are transported by rail. Unloading capacity of the industrial track is about 900 tons/day or 18-20 cars per day.

LTD "Javna Skladišta" the host and reliable partner in providing services to one of the most effective customs offices in Serbia, all inspection services, transportation, transporters that affect the successful operation of importers and exporters to their foreign trade oriented activities implemented through organized team of professionals who demonstrate results worthy of respect.

LTD "Javna Skladišta" were privatized during the 2008. and the sole owner is the multi-continental company Nelt from Belgrade, which today is one of the most important link in the chain of supply of consumer products for consumer, both in our country and neighboring countries.

Adress: Tuk Ugarnice BB 24000 Subotica, Srbija
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